Work for ABIM OutReach, Malaysia.

Work for ABIM OutReach, Malaysia.

ABIM Malaysian Youth Movement

In 1995, during one of my frequent trips to Penang, I was invited by a friend to a marriage function at the palace of the Sultan of Penang, during that time I get to know many important people that were interested in my skill with volunteer and social work such as ABIM.

At first I started helping part time, keep in order school records of the ABIM learning Center IOA Penang but, during my visit to Kuala Lumpur ABIM headquarter, I got to know the Secretary General Ahmad Azam, which offered me a position at the IOA learning center in K.L to undergo first extensive training in teaching kids and counseling.

After a few months, I was promoted to join the team of the President of ABIM (man closed to Deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim) and I started coordinating the committee of all local NGOs and contacts with other high ranking officials, such as United Nations for the meeting with Secretary General Kofi Annan in December 1997.    

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16 May 2017


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