Work for L.A.V. (Lega Anti Vivisezione)

Work for L.A.V. (Lega Anti Vivisezione)

Started animal welfare activities with Claudia Sgarzi joining her campaign against bullfights in Spain.

I immediately became active helping her to gather signatures to be send to European Parliament.

I joined two big rallies in Madrid 1989 and Barcelona 1990 and got to know many organizations and activists. Back in Italy I contacted the management of L.A.V. (a NGO against animal experimentation), one of the biggest Italian onlus in animal rights very well connected in Parliament.

I start taking care of some city like Vercelli and Novara until I was assigned to manage the Italian Network Against Bullfights and Animal. The team would target specifically each month a different town that still have some barbaric religious celebration that would put animal life in danger.

The biggest events was a rally at Asigliano and Caresana, where ox racing took place. We stopped the event, press charges and several parliamentary inquiry followed.

My team would also checked for animal conditions, escorted by the police, at the Palio (historical horse race) di Asti or Alba.

I was a member of the first committee on animal affairs in Turin Municipality.

I helped to prepare new laws that further strengthened animal rights in our country.

Other activities included: joining campaigns, participating to meeting at national level and seminars and help to raise awareness and funding for LAV.

I have been indeed one of the leader of this group between 1989 - 1993

LAV letter


Italian newspaper La Stampa published an article on May 10, 1993 : “No to the ox race, 3 animal rights activists hospitalized”

a group of LAV activist protested at the little town of Asigliano in Vercelli province because for the past 557 years oxes are raced in the town street with coercion violating the law. Among the animal rights activist treated for injury at local hospital the leader of the protest Massimo Scozzaro 20 years old.

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La Stampa May 11,1993 open the local page of Vercelli with a photo of Massimo Scozzaro being escort to hospital by the Carabinieri police.

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La Stampa newspaper article May 12, 1993 “The ox race reach Parliament” the leader of LAV the animal right group Massimo Scozzaro explains that beside a police report regarding animal abuses there will be at least two inquiries at ministerial levels after two member of Parliament presented requests to the interior and health ministers.

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